elaine langdon osteopathy

Elaine Langdon

B.Ost, ART, PICP...

Elaine's qualifications are: Masters in Osteopathy, ART - full body and long tract nerve entrapment, PICP level 1 (upper and lower body structural balance from Football specific internship), PIMST - Instant Muscle Strengthening techniques, Biosignature - site specific weight loss, NASM - Personal training, ITEC - Sports Massage therapy, CHEK level 1 - Injury Rehabilitation.

Elaine first qualified with a BA (Hons) Dance Theatre from the Laban Centre in 1996 and her interest in strength and conditioning and injury prevention and rehabilitation developed from there. Elaine then studied for her Gym Instructor, Circuit training, personal training qualifications and worked as a Personal trainer, privately, in the City of London whilst funding further studies for a continuous professional development.

Elaine interned with Paul Chek at the CHEK Institute for rehabilitation, took massage training courses and then travelled to the US to learn Active Release Technique.

Elaine also took a private internship with the world-renowned Strength Coach, Charles Poliquin and integrates his structural balance assessments and instant muscle strengthening techniques with ART and rehab exercises to form fully-rounded, successful programs and sessions for a variety of Clientele. Elaine's methods have worked extremely well with City professionals for a number of years; this moved her on to study the (now complete) 5 year Masters Degree in Osteopathy which will now help her to fulfil further ambitions in total healthcare.